Group5 Paris PPMBD – Globalization’s Pros and Cons

                Globalization has a great impact on culture. It leads to wide spread of western culture all over the world. Culture relates to language, beliefs, customs and traditions. Many languages are getting disappeared due to wide spread of English all over the world. From the last few years the study in English was made mandatory in many developed and developing countries.

The wide increase of social media and blogs had great impact on culture in many countries. The countries like china and Iran have blocked many social media sites and blogs due to the decrease of their culture and values.

The globalization is making the world more heterogeneous and often homogeneous too, by creating the harder connections between the cultures of different countries. For example, the handshake, the western culture of greeting people had become the most common way of greeting in the culture based countries also. And the Japanese sushi can be taken by any country in the world. But many religious heads of different countries have been trying to fight against the globalization as they thought that the globalization is killing the tradition values. Many countries made it mandatory to wear the respective country’s traditional dressed as dress code to enter into their religious places like temples, mosques etc.

The globalization had created the positive impact on the personal values and negative impact on the cultural values. The education and development of women in many countries have raised incredibly in many countries due to the increase of globalization. Coming out of the traditional values many parents have taken the decisions which leads to the personal development of their girl child rather than the culture. Due to the increase of studying in abroad, all the cultures and values are becoming familiar to all the countries.

The intercultural marriages also play the vital role in the increase of globalized values so that one can respect the values and adapt to the others culture which leads to the mixtures of two cultures to the next generation.

The globalization had created the new culture of food habits all over the world. Mainly the culture based countries like India had great impact on it. The western food cultures and western food habits have been adapted by the people in these countries. This brought the world under one roof.

So finally the globalization seems to be a treasure of cultures so that every culture respects the other and the adaptation of different cultures seems to eradicate the cultural differences all over the world.

           Globalisation will have a greatest impact on political, economical, and ideological characters which became a threat to the cultural diversity. The rise of globalisation leads to population shifts and cultural clashes. Due to the fast increase of globalisation, the society was failed to adapt and adjust to the different cultures and this lead to the clash of cultures in the society.

 As the globalization increased the migration of people between the countries, in some countries it leads to local and non local issues, which results in the un-expectable changes in the society and human nature. For example, from the past few years the Indians in Australia have been murdered by Australians with the open reason that the Indians are earning more than the local Australian non employees in Australia. And as the media became international, all the news over the world was brought to us in the fraction of second. It was very useful in some contexts and in the same phase it leads to the illness of cultural stability.

As the western tradition is very attractable and easily adaptable to the youth, it lead to the loss of traditions in many countries, which lead to the autocratic leadership of government. Though the Asian countries of beware of the western tradition in the past, the pub and party culture was slowly getting rose in those countries. Many countries like Thailand, Pakistan and some other Asian countries were governed by the military due this loss of traditional values. Recently, the Thai government was handled by the military, and they banned all the entertainment channels and theatres and strictly ordered that the western culture seen ever will be punished severely.

In countries like India many organizations have taken place as the youth are not giving respect to the traditions of India, and they adapted the power to save the Indian tradition in the violent and non violent manners.

Cultures and traditions in any societies are valued for their beliefs and practises.  The follow of these beliefs and traditions will be more to an extent in developing countries than the developed countries. Many people argue and agree that this globalization leads to the rapid loss of local languages, art, and music.  Due to the fastest increase of technology, may it have a lot of uses to make the works and severities easier, but many under developing countries argue that the wide increase of the technology lead to the loss of cultural and traditional values as the western culture is adapted by the youth and it is directing the youth in a wrong manner.