CFM Paris Team 3

The globalization is a fact whose consequences are really different. That is why people see it differently and some are pro-globalization and others not. So we will see the pros and cons of globalization from our point of view.


-It reduces poverty all over the world. Data show that the number of poor is decreasing.

– It leads to a growing openness of the world which facilitates the trade between countries.

-Globalisation made capitals more accessible. Indeed they are much more movable.

– Knowledge and education all over the world become more and more accessible to more and more people.

– A global culture is spreading all over the world.

– There are more possibilities of jobs abroad.

-to compete overseas company invest in R&D stimulating innovation.


-It increases the inequality among countries and within each country between the poorer and the richer.

– The Hyperfinance is one consequence of globalization that increases capital flows with a generally too high volatility of assets.

– Competition in some sectors became extremely hard.

-Possibility of the absorption of local culture by the new global culture.

-One event happening somewhere in the world can impact the entire world i.e. the global crisis.