Group85@Sophia: ‘Africa has become a playground for globalisation’

“Africa is not on autopilot to some gilded age, warns Kingsley Moghaly, deputy governor of Nigeria’s central bank and author of Emerging Africa. Waht is being faisely celebrated as Africa’s rise is simply the continent having become a playground for globalisation, he says, adding that without job creatin to accompany population growth Africa will have to cope with armies of unemployed young people in a few decades’ time.”

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How globalization will affect us in our professional careers? Group 85 – Sophia Antipolis


Globalization implies the multiplication of exchanges between different countries, the emergence of new actors and the fragmentation of production processes. As SCMP apprentices working in large global companies, we are fully involved and committed into this process.

Indeed, this has led to the development of career opportunities abroad and require an increasingly mobility to the Logistic and Purchasing teams, a bigger international openness and a better adaptability and reactivity to the Market.

The vision of companies operating in a local area is gone; they now build relationships with foreign actors and adopting global approaches to face Market evolutions and issues. Moreover, Purchasing is a central and key function playing a major role in the suppliers’ selection (sourcing), relationships management and commercial transactions. The objective is to sustain the Business, develop relationships and improving profits rather than opting for “one shot” or short term strategies.

Purchasing doesn’t only focus on the inherent price of the product. A global strategy must be established to analyze the key success factors, quantitative but also qualitative: security of supply, political stability, quality, supply chain, total cost of change… The objective is to choose not only the more profitable solution, but the most valuable. Purchasing a product in India will lead to respect the same social responsibility, environmental or quality rules than in France, and adapt to the local culture (communication, management, legislation).

Globalization offers endless opportunities with multiple logistic solutions and purchasing possibilities through various actors on a global scale.

However, offshoring have shown limits these last few years. The loss of key functions in foreign countries, communication issues and the deterioration of the brand image have recently led some companies to realize reshoring and question their long term strategy.

We might start working in Purchasing in a very exciting and challenging time!