Group 4 @FMI Raleigh – Globalization 2014-2030: how will it impact your gameplan ?

The phenomenon of globalization has brought a lot of challenges throughout the world. Some became issues but others offered the chance to every country to be represented on an international level. Being in our last year of Master makes us think about the workplace as a new challenge. And even if thinking about finding a job could be a puzzle to solve, we are aware that opportunity can be anywhere thanks to globalization.

Globalization’s positive points during the last decades were considerable. We saw the global economy being tied between countries. The emergence of international organizations made it easier to trade, offering better to every country, especially the non-developed ones.

The financial markets are more dependent than ever and it is offering a large amount of possibilities for investments that we have to be aware of.  Our main challenge is to stay conscious that working in one country does not mean we have to ignore the world’s issues.

Today, the world is willing to intergrate and to share diverse culture and knowledge in order to face the challenges of tomorrow. Skema Business School is one example of globalization with campuses around the world. Thanks to this situation, nowadays a student can hope to be part of something much more bigger than yesterday.

All our group members don’t have not the same professional project, but we agree about the fact that gloabalization will be one of the mainly role in our career, whatever the way we will choose in the future.

Nevertheless globalization is not only an opportunity, but also is a danger. The diverse financial system will be tied closely, which means that the world’s financial crisis could be evaluated by one country’s economic problem. Therefore, risk control and supervision will become more and more significant. The awareness of risk, strict ethical standards and professional regulators are needed in order to minimize risk.


Our main objective as future worker is to know the impact that globalization will influence on our job. We have to be prepared to be part of the diversity. Being able to know as much as we can on different countries’ culture, history, regulation and customs, will help us make the difference on the workplace.


Raleigh FMI – Group 4

 What are the Commodity trading stakes?


-      The emergence of the commodity market

o   Market historical review

o   Development of the market

o   Today’s commodity world


-      How commodity trader rules the market

o   Variables of commodity future and option

o   Price calculation

o   Market impacts


-      Stakes brought by commodity exchange on global market

o   Geological issues

o   Corruption

o   Commodity market governance