Group 6 @Sophia: How globalization will affect us throughout our professional career?

Sitting in class of French business school thinking in Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Italian and talking in English is a result of Globalization. There is not “exit” from this integration. We all have to face this definition – “Globalization”.

Nowadays, one of the ways of developing all international relations is a process of Globalization. It is a new step of internalization of social life – economical, political, cultural, ecological links between Nations.

Today life changing really fast and people want to live better. The opinion of single person does not play important role. People have to accept changes occurring on the Earth even if they do not like them. Globalization is one of the most arguable processes. It helps us and at the same time can hurt us.

 There are also some disadvantages of the Globalization we would like to point out. It prompts every student in the World to be competitive when searching for a job. Everyone meets the same requirements of globalized companies. It brings benefits to companies but makes things harder for us to get a job. For our future careers, Globalization can make us working everywhere we want. These opportunities create strong competition between us and as students, we have to stand out from each other. This competition can be a “boost” in a career. If someone works better than another one, it’s normal that he gets desired job.

Globalization offers to the today’s young generation a lot of economic opportunities and making people closer by the new ways of communication (NTIC). But at the same time it is increasing the gap of inequality between rich and poor people. We can’t escape from this and by working harder together between different countries we may decrease this gap.

Moreover, Globalization allows people to work together between different places in the world. And as mentioned above, you can drink coffee in Paris and talk with Japanese business partner, while he drinks tea and discuss with you about your business on Skype.

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