Globalization 2014-2030: how will it impact our gameplan ?

According to the Cisco Connected World Technology Report 2012, 90% of Generation Y or « digital natives » check their emails, texts and social media accounts using their smartphones before they even get out of bed.

This hyper connected world is today’s reality. Across every industry, companies are discovering new audiences, creating new revenue streams, inventing new business models, expanding and accelerating their business at an impressive pace. Internet has become the channel for growth and innovation. The explosion of international business and the boom in urbanization has encouraged ever-faster transportation systems hence extreme mobility.

Globalization has led to new forms of consumption and consumerism. 
Consequently, the professional environment and job market one will enter is highly international and competitive. Indeed to make a difference, one has to embrace this dynamic, international, global world where boundaries are shortened, individuals are multicultural, management methods are divers and new forms of work arise e.g. cyber-workers. Hence the importance of developing key competences such as adaptability, flexibility and multi-tasking for example.

This global, urban age has also undermined a new economy of knowledge. Ivy leagues are flourishing throughout the world, shaping more and more international, qualified future managers, scientists and workers. Just in 2013 for example, China has delivered 1,3 millions engineer diplomas.

Overall, no one can enter the present international job market coping this global, hyper connected world.

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