Group 1 Msc EI@Suzhou : Globalization 2014-2030: how will it impact your gameplan?

People of our group are coming from different regions of France or even from different parts of the world however we all have one thing in common: this year we are studying in China. Some have decided to come here a long time ago meanwhile some other ones even did not thought that one day they will cross the Asian borders.

We think that with the Globalization we are freer to move all around the world and that we are pushed to meet other cultures. Today, we don’t know the country we will be working in in few years because if we can’t find a job in our mother country we still can meet the opportunity to work abroad and some of us even just want to work only abroad. In addition to this, the globalization pushes us to be open minded, tolerant and particularly at work. Nobody knows today how multicultural the team he/she will be working in in the future will be and if she/he will be even working with at least one person of its mother country. Finally we are thinking that above all these geographical and cultural aspects, globalization pushes us constantly to improve ourselves. In fact we are in competition not only with the graduates of our country but even with the ones of all around the world.

So we need to anticipate all these criteria to perform, be prepared to leave our country to work abroad, meet people & communicate with any of them, giving the better of ourselves. That’s also the reason why we are travelling all around the world: today we have to catch up the main differences, cultural aspects and opportunities to know the place we’d rather work in and live our life.

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