Group 8 @IB Raleigh – Globalization 2014-2030: how will it impact your gameplan ?

Globalization is the process by which economies, societies and cultures have become interconnected. This translates into an increasing flow of goods, services, but also people and knowledge. When we raise the issue of globalization and employment, themes such as threat to job security, downsizing to remain competitive often come up. If globalization will definitely affect our career, we have a different perspective than the one previously exposed.

Our group is composed of six people and four different nationalities : French, Moroccan, Spanish and Russian. We are all international students, who are studying on the Raleigh campus and think, globalization will have a positive impact throughout our career. In fact, the world around us today has become integrated : mobility has significantly increased and barriers have diminished. While our parents only considered working in their home country, we have the ability to market the entire world. Moreover, our study abroad experience provides us with a global experience. Not only do we study in a foreign country, but we confront new, unfamiliar situations daily. Globalization has shaped each and every field of employment and companies need people, who are able to understand such an environment and manage it.
However, if globalization offers us new possibilities, it does the same for other international students and employees. To turn these new possibilites into opportunities, we need to stay ahead of the game. Globalization pushes us to keep learning and developing our skills and what makes us unique in the job market. In our case, we can mention mastering at least two languages, our ability to adapt and be flexible.

As global citizens, globalization represents a great opportunity for us, as long as we are able to act global while keeping what makes us unique.

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