Globalization, Group 1, MSC FMI, RALEIGH : ” Globalization 2014-2030: how will it impact your gameplan ? “

Globalization is a long process started centuries ago. This dynamic phenomenon has been set up by both commercial and financial internationalization transactions. The intensification and the liberalization of exchanges accelerated its spread worldwide creating a real interdependency between countries.

The free circulation of goods, services, capital, people, ideas, knowledge and technology have intensified the development of the globalization notion. In a concrete way, globalization leads to a blurring of national boundaries where ‘the world is becoming a global village’.

In our case, globalization has already impacted us on an educational level; mobility has changed our educational landscape. Studying and completing internships abroad is becoming a common use and even a must for being competitive in our working world. Universities are playing a key role in promoting students to pursue this global state of mind.

Work mobility has become commonplace. Indeed, with all multinational-firms the average stay in a company has strongly decreased in the few decades from 15 years to 5 years. Our adaptability in jobs is crucial for the sake of differing working methods that come with cross-cultural teams and leadership management. And this even more true with the developing countries, the BRICS, which will be the markets of tomorrow.

For the next couple of years the main issue we face is not a matter of being the most proficient at a single task but instead to be adaptable to cross-boarder market demands of an ever-changing dynamic world.


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