Globalization 2014-2030: how will it impact your gameplan ?



Globalization can create opportunities for our professional career. Indeed, when applying for a job, we will not only target one country but the entire world. As our scope is wider, we will have more chances to get a better job and / or salary. Going abroad is also a good way to get many different experiences and knowledge. By working in several companies and countries we will be able to bring inputs that the others do not have. As knowledge is power, you will be irreplaceable!

We have no choice: as a manager, we will have to cope with foreigners… even if we stay in France. Having at least one multicultural experience will allow us to be more comfortable and knowledgeable within international teams. Working with foreigners mean we will step outside of our comfort zone and learning how to “think different”. This is very relevant in job interviews.


Now we will talk about the possible drawbacks that Globalization may have for the development of our professional career. One of the biggest issues with globalization is outsourcing. It has an important effect on the job market worldwide. For instance, in the United States, it is estimated that over 2 million workers have lost their jobs in the last several years due to business closures and layoffs (Benjamin and Perry 2003), simply because of the growing number of companies that are moving their operations to other countries where the cost of wages is cheaper.Another issue is that because of globalization, economic crisis in one country spread to all the others, and lead to many people loosing their job worldwide.


We believe that globalization offers incredible opportunity for people, and companies. The world is open for anyone to succeed. However, due to globalization, the world is a fast paced place where people and company are easily replaced by others.

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