Globalization – Group 5 Msc IB Raleigh Fall

Globalization Cheiroux-Coin-Breux-Harb-Faraj-Sbai


Globalization has already started to affect our careers. We are writing this essay as NC State students, which says a lot about the impact of globalization on business schools’ students.

We think that there are two major ways our careers will be affected: French businesses are starting to be more global., trying to enter foreign markets. This gives us the opportunity to deal with companies abroad, to travel, to speak foreign languages. We might be sent overseas to develop a subsidies for a few years. Globalization is not only about living abroad our speaking a different language, but trying to deal with a new culture. This is the most difficult part.
Each and every company trying to develop its business abroad must take into account the cultural aspect.

The other way globalization might affect our careers, is by working for a foreign companies. In this group, a lot of us have been interning into american companies who have headquarters in France. They need to hire a local workforce to understand quickly the market.
We could also work for a company abroad. More and more companies are looking to have international profiles, they see this as an asset which is a good thing for us. Even third world countries are developing their businesses and might be interested by hiring graduates from well developed countries such as France.

Globalization is not a new trend, it has been going on for a few decades now, but we might be the first generation who will be affected from the beginning of our careers. Must of us already had international profiles even entering our business school. Last but not least, we want to be affected by globalization it is nos something that we fear.

Team Leaders – Group 5 – Raleigh (MSc IB)
Week 1 : Sara Faraj & Clément Cheiroux
Week 2 : Robin Sbai & Simon coin
Week 3 : Louis-Maxence Harb & Hadrien Breux

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