Group 5 – MSc FMI @ PARIS – Table of content and Framework.

Team Leaders:

Week 1 Yacine Youssedik – Tian

Week 2 Wenzhen Yan – Loïc Pouget

Week 3 Justine Bernard

Globalisation in the China’s cars industry

Why PSA and Dongfeng are the mirrors of globalization in china’s car industry?


A brief introduction will present the key factors of the globalization and how it will impact and change the model of business. We will, also explain why we chose the subject of Globalization in the China’s cars industry.

I)              What drives the globalization of automobile industry in china?

a. The demand of Chinese people in a special environment:

We will see how Chinese people changed their habits of transportation, and what are the 5 mains reasons of this new type of consumption.

b. Technological advancement pushes towards globalization:

Most technologies are imported from other countries. So china attracts foreign companies and improves their research and allows foreign brands to sell their cars. It’s a win-win agreement.

c. Government policies follow the globalization:

China attaches great importance to pollution control and adjusts its policies assessment on production to control their impact on the environment.

II)            Case study of Dongfeng and PSA

a.Presentation of Dongfeng and PSA

We will present the companies of our study case, which aez Dongfeng Motor Corporation, one of the biggest automobile companies in China, and PSA: the second biggest automobile manufacturer in Europe.

b. A global model (Swot)

The Swot analysis for Dongfeng and PSA.

c. How they cooperate and what we can expect?

Find the potential reason of cooperation between them. And explain how they cooperate.


We will conclude our report by a brief summary and through sharing our opinion and point of view on that cooperation.,8599,1684955,00.html

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