12@Raleigh – Globalization : Pros and Cons

Globalization is a fact and is part of our daily life and impact all our decisions. But can we really say that we are against this worldwide phenomenon or we really approve all of its patterns? The answer is not that clear and easy to determine. However, it is possible to discuss about the benefits of globalization and points that should be improved or fought.

– Share of knowledge and technologies
– Peace can be maintained, international organizations
– Business development: business can be created everywhere
– Global mobility, people can travel easily
– Business competition, customers have wider choices of products and services
– New markets access, emerging markets
– Cross cultural environment, making people more open-minded
– People can communicate and work together at the same time in different places in the world
– Poor countries can be helped though international organizations such as the FMI.

– Businesses are very interdependent. A crisis in the US can have consequences worldwide.
– Spreading of disease from a region to another.
– Americanization of the world. This is hard for local culture to resist.
– As the global production of food and industries are increasing, we need to pay attention to our resources + it creates environmental issues due to the large amount of production.
– Increase of disparities between those who took advantage of globalization and those that are too small to catch there late.
– Competition can be hard for local business. Little producers has to resist against large retailers

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