Groupe 15 @ Sophia : Globalization – Pros and Cons

In our group, we have debated, in terms of pros and cons, how we apprehend the globalization process.

First of all, let’s evocate pros of such a phenomenon:

* Spread and sharing knowledge and diversified goods and services

* Markets openness which creates plenty of opportunities for companies and individuals (like new jobs opportunities and new market share)

* Better communication between citizens, states and international institutions

* Improvement of transport (cost and speed) and ways of communication

* New technologies and scientific progress which permits a improvement of medicine and so an increase of life expectancy all around the world

And then, cons of globalization which of course constitute a lot of challenges for the future:

 * The immense enrichment is misallocated and the wealth gap between poor and rich countries has increased

* Globalization is from the beginning an occidental process which resulted in the disappearance of some culture and ancestral knowledge

* Increase of black market and international criminality

* The diminution of Nation States role in the democratic and social fields

* Global warming and environmental destruction

* As the interdependence increases, the systemic risk of a global collapse from financials actors (from “Too Big to Fail” banks) is more present

* Delocalisation and competition between workers without same social rights

As a conclusion, we can assert that globalization permit to enhance our way of living and personal comfort (life expectancy, immense middle class emergence, better transports and communication for sharing knowledge). However, as we mentioned earlier, big challenges are ahead and it the purpose of course existing international institutions and politics but first of all citizens and companies.

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