Group 8 @IB Raleigh – Globalization 2014-2030: how will it impact your gameplan ?

Globalization is the process by which economies, societies and cultures have become interconnected. This translates into an increasing flow of goods, services, but also people and knowledge. When we raise the issue of globalization and employment, themes such as threat to job security, downsizing to remain competitive often come up. If globalization will definitely affect our career, we have a different perspective than the one previously exposed.

Our group is composed of six people and four different nationalities : French, Moroccan, Spanish and Russian. We are all international students, who are studying on the Raleigh campus and think, globalization will have a positive impact throughout our career. In fact, the world around us today has become integrated : mobility has significantly increased and barriers have diminished. While our parents only considered working in their home country, we have the ability to market the entire world. Moreover, our study abroad experience provides us with a global experience. Not only do we study in a foreign country, but we confront new, unfamiliar situations daily. Globalization has shaped each and every field of employment and companies need people, who are able to understand such an environment and manage it.
However, if globalization offers us new possibilities, it does the same for other international students and employees. To turn these new possibilites into opportunities, we need to stay ahead of the game. Globalization pushes us to keep learning and developing our skills and what makes us unique in the job market. In our case, we can mention mastering at least two languages, our ability to adapt and be flexible.

As global citizens, globalization represents a great opportunity for us, as long as we are able to act global while keeping what makes us unique.

Group72@Sophia Antipolis : how globalization will affect YOU throughout your professional career

When thinking about our future careers, we quickly come to the idea that globalization will be our main challenge. This worldwide movement that increase connectivity and interdependence of the world’s market and businesses represent a great opportunity as well as a real concern as we are entering the labor market soon.

Being part of the generation that really assisted to the emergence of Globalization has led us not to underestimate this phenomenon. At Skema we are already dealing with some of the Globalization main issues. When working in multicultural teams, we need to show our adaptability and flexibility. When looking for an internship we realized how globalization has gave us more opportunities but also increased competitiveness: to find their dream job more and more students are willing to move and work in countries different from the one they were born or studied in. This is also why we will tend to work in bigger and more international firm. With a more accessible access to education and information competitiveness has never been so high, and one of the key way for us to succeed will probably be our merit at work.

What will also make us stand out is our capacity of being global without falling into standardization. Indeed as we are all becoming more and more global, we might loose our real identity when trying to be flexible to adapt ourselves to all the different cultures we are working with.

Thus, even when graduated from a Grande Ecole, we will have to face competition and think outside of the box to succeed in our professional career, which will definitely be international and diversified.

Globalization will be a driving force, challenging us at every step of our career; it is our responsibility to make the best out of it.

Group 37@Sophia: How globalization will affect you throughout your professional career?

Globalization is a recent phenomenon, which is materialized by an economic, financial or commercial world opening of a country. This opening will obviously affect the way we live and by consequence, our professional activity, whatever we are a businessman, a CEO or an employee.

Indeed, it will lead us to get multiple skills if we want to work or to run a company efficiently, so let’s see what should we need for the future.

First, the globalization will lead us to meet peoples from different countries. Each person speaks his own language, so it will be crucial to speak international languages such as English, Chinese or Arabic to be able to do business with all the economic actors around the world.

Moreover, for businessman and CEO especially, it is necessary to be open-minded: the aim here is to be able to understand and use efficiently the subtleties and principles of the persons we do business with, because it is not the same thing to deal with Italian, than with Japanese, so it is necessary to adapt strategies.

Since each country use his own money, it will also be vital to understand how the international financial system does works. No matter what we do, if we intend to do business or realize international transactions, we have to be able to understand the functioning whatever it is to exchange rates or tax and law system.

Technical progress realized since de last decades has allowed the globalization to be faster and faster, but not only globalization. Exchanges, payments, deliveries, information: everything circulates quicker so it is crucial for a company leader to be hyper-reactive to everything that might happen. He also has to be aware about everything in his environment. So it is important nowadays, to master information and communication new technologies to be able to anticipate and react to each problem.

It is obvious that nowadays, people have to be multi-skilled and open-minded, today more than ever.

Globalization and we

Viktoria, Russia : « it’s a well-known fact that globalization impacts on international migration considerably.  More people have been changing their abiding places or even countries in pursuit of better work and life conditions.  Free trade, open boarders and deregulation contribute to this workforce movement.  In my opinion, the future trend will be the same. Concerning my career, it means I should be smarter, faster, and more innovative. I have to acquire and develop skills to maintain my employability. Frankly speaking, it’s a great challenge. »

Yunzhuo Wu, China « Counties benefit a lot from Globalization, For my professional career, China’s opening up policy provide me a lot of opportunities(There are many international cooperation). Of course, it also bring me some challenges, I have to adapt multicultural environment, understand the international situation,and must be more efficient, know the new technology. In a word, it can improve me. »

Wuijing Xu, China « Globalisation has  increased market competition, in turn increasing the importance of effective international marketing. Many organisations cannot rely on the fact that they are the only player in a long held domestic market, there are new competitors from overseas appearing all the time. So,I want to improve my ability on cooperation ,organization and also communication ,strengthen my knowledge on international marketing,I should be more positive and capable to compete with others.»

Yuhan Yang, China « Chinese enterprises are facing increasingly complex and intense market competitive environment; the production cycle is getting shorter; the difficulty of developing new products is growing ; while Chinese enterprises’ fatal weak reflected in lacking the ability to accurate analysis and judgment the new market environment . In order to survive and develop, Chinese enterprises have to respond to competitive pressures from multinational corporations, and it’s necessary to enhance their core competitiveness. »

GROUP112@Sophia – How globalization will affect us throughout our professional career?

A few years ago, Gen left the south of China to study webmarketing in France. Raphaël has spent a year at North Carolina State University, refining his vocabulary while discussing the complex rules of American football. During her gap year, Karen has given up on many lunchtimes so she could work with the Japanese and Canadians members of her team at the same time.
In a way, globalization has already affected us in our professional careers. We made these choices as students because we knew that working in a globalized world will mean being mobile, working in a multicultural environment and staying connected all the time.

Those are certainties. But in a world changing so fast, what other assumptions could we make about globalization impacting our gameplan ?

The global worker will have to be adaptive and generalist as companies will try to do more with less in the super competitive global market. So being the specialist of a niche will not suffice if you don’t have managerial skills, if you are not a good team player or if you can’t understand the bigger picture.
Ethics will take another step in the business priorities as information about ecological disasters and social inequalities is now spreading in an instant. Plus adopting ecological ways of working could mean big savings at the end of the year. So companies that will be ethical and environment friendly will have a real competitive advantage.
Speaking english will not be enough. With the new developing countries, we will have to learn new languages to stay competitive on the labor market (chinese, arabic… or even french ?).

Supposing how globalization will affect us in our professional career on the long run is a hard exercise as we are living in a fast ever changing world. But as long as we embrace its rules and stay adaptive to change, we are sure that globalization will bring us the best !

Group 8 Msc PPMBD Paris – Globalization 2014-2030: how will it impact your game plan?

In the era of globalization the trend of integration of cash flow, goods and services and, certainly, people is becoming more and more clear. The development of technologies, unlimited access to the Internet, transport accessibility along with trade barriers reduction creates possibility for free worldwide communication and for the development of the international business. All these change, certainly, influence the labor market too.

Just one generation back, people only dreamed about the opportunity of working and living abroad. In contrast, our generation tends to follow the coming up world trend and is ready to make big efforts to catch up with it. Today, receiving of necessary knowledge and skills, the ability to use them on the international stage have crucial importance for personal and public progress. The possibility to speak several foreign languages, culture awareness, as well as, knowledge of peculiarities of foreign countries is in high demand now. Furthermore, as the importance of NTIC trend is rising, the ability to communicate at the international level, particularly, by means of technologies becomes competitive advantage in your career.

Presence of skillful employees focused on global cooperation –one of the most valuable components of competitiveness of any organization in the world. In front of the employees, who can think globally, as well as, can analyze various economic processes in global scales are opened considerable career prospects.

Education, flexibility to rapidly changing world, creativity – development of such skills will provide us in the future with a worthy position on a labor market, which competition level is only increasing.

Innovativeness and thinking “out of the box” at the international level will allow the humanity to cope with world global challenges (as the looming crisis or geopolitical problems) completely at a new level, providing unusual solutions.

In addition, the development of the innovative  projects will provide  not only the chance to find the  answers  to such global challenges as sustainable development, along with the problem of global warming, but also will create absolutely new professions (such as a sustainable development manager  which  didn’t exist  several years ago).

How globalization will affect us throughout our professional career? – Team 67


Studying in an international business school, we all know the importance and convenience of globalization. As the world is becoming smaller and smaller due to globalization, our professional career is closely linked to it.

As the world became a global village, our career changed big time. First of all, globalization comes along with outsourcing which avoids organizations bloated, focuses on human resources and lower the costs. At the same time, outsourcing increases the career opportunities. Many companies take this advantages by outsourcing to another country which leads to some people getting the chances to work for international company, or they even can work at home as communication among people can be fulfilled by the Internet.

With the development of technology, it is cheap and easy to go overseas. Companies offer generous compensation to attract talents who come from any part of the world, this cause much more pressures for the native job hunters and increase the work competitiveness.

Migration is also an important impact of globalization. As companies and enterprises expand their business abroad, working forces both domestic and exotic are coming to seek jobs and opportunities. As for young people, especially students, they go abroad for further study in order to see more of the world and to get more skills for the future career. These two group of people are the major forces of our professional career. They bring their own cultures and religions to other corners of the world.

Furthermore, because of the imbalance of natural resources and the difference of cultures, we may be able to find more chances to create our company. International tourism is more and more popular during this year. With the increase of globalization progress, a large number of tourist attraction will be exploited, increasing the chance of employment.




How globalisation will affect us throughout our professional career? Team 59

We all grew up in a globalized environment. Indeed, by choosing our way within Skema Business School, we have chosen to take advantage of it instead of being just a simple witness.

We have been actually facing the worst economic crisis for decades. Being aware of that, it is a challenge for us to compete in the global work market. Our ambition is to find the best position in a multi-cultural context, avoiding the mistakes that have lead to the actual crisis. Indeed, hyperfinance, dependence on scarce resources and cross-cultural issues have to be taken into account for our well being.

Considering these issues, our main goal will be to manage our cross-cultural team thanks to tools that we have in our possession. Among them, the NTIC shrink the distance between our collaborators and clients, expand the interactions inside and outside the companies and so facilitate the globalization of our future projects. Thanks to an intense geographical mobility (which is necessary to succeed in a globalized career plan), we will match our companies’ expectations.

Furthermore, in order to struggle with all the well-known negative effects of the globalization such as wealth and wage gaps, we will have to enhance a certain ethical way of doing business. For example, a better distribution of the revenues from the shareholders to the employees and to invest into innovation is necessary to keep skyrocketing.

To conclude, in a total globalized environment, we have to keep in mind our singular way of living in order to make our contribution in the construction of the global village.