Msc ISI groupe 3 :The renewable energy revolution.

In Germany,Heligoland is the symbol of a revolution in the field of the power. Germany decided that the wind turbine energy should reach 30 percent of their powers from renewable energy sources.Thus Germany become a leader country in the struggle against the global warming which is a challenge for the world.

The future of the wind turbine is global for two reasons. Firstly, the turbine are build across the world (in particular China) and secondly the renewable energy targets to replace the nuclear and coil power in the future which the germans call the energy transition.

The price of the turbine is decreased due to more and more people build turbine. Some people Home owner, Farmer,businesses and local cooperatives are incentive to install solar panels, wind turbines, biogas plants and other sources of renewable energy. that leads to scale economy ,consequently, the prices decrease. We can hope that the democratization will allow more and more households to set up with these devices.

However the fall of the cost can lead difficulty for the firms. When the demand is high then the price is high and that price could be disruptive for the household

The main drawback of the renewable energy comes from the fact that it is not everytime useable because the level of the wind and sun vary according to the weather and the season. Consequently, the traditional coil and nuclear plants should be kept in back-up to support the fall of renewable when it’s necessary.

Despite we notice there are Technological Innovations to manage the demand of the energy.The price could be fixed in real time and no yearly/monthly and the households could manage the uses of their electrical devices.

In Germany, we can that the government tries to slow down the transition because the progress was fast maybe too fast but there are true popular will as the numereous demonstration show it in Germany.

source: The New York Times
Site: The New York Times


Heligoland wind power